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Råkaffe: Nicaragua La Espanola Red Honey (1kg)

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100% Arabica – Villa Sarchi

1600 – 1650

Finca La Portuguesa

San Fernando, Nueva Segovia

Red Honey, Pulped natural

82 p

Cabernet Sauvignon, melkesjokolade, mango, vanilje. Søt og kompleks


Nicaragua is one of the biggest coffee producers in Central America. Coffee from this large but thinly populated country is of high quality and complex flavor. In the past, coffee production has suffered from devastating hurricanes and political and financial instability. Luckily, the situation has visibly recovered in the past 20 years. Producers are now keen to develop their agricultural practices within an improving infrastructure to revive their reputation in the specialty coffee scene.

Finca La Española was established in 2002 and is located in the mountains of the municipality San Fernando in the Nueva Segovia Department. The region of Nueva Segovia in northern Nicaragua produces some of the country’s finest coffees. It is the highest growing region in Nicaragua and provides ideal conditions for coffee cultivation due to its rich volcanic soils and diverse micro-climates. The hilly and mountainous land surrounding the farm is covered by a lush pine forest where monkeys, birds, and other native animals can roam freely.

For this red honey, the cherries are carefully selected by hand before being pulped, bagged up, and transported to the dry mill. There, the coffee beans are dried in the sun on raised African beds. The cup of this coffee comes with super winey and fruity notes of Cabernet Sauvignon. It is very sweet and complex with a velvet body.